Brief Regarding Pachkhan

Pachakhan literally means vow or oath. Pachakhan is ritual to help to follow strict discipline in eating in Jainism. Pachkhan in front of Bhagwan. In case it is not feasible, please use the following print / audio Pachkhans. Please follow the instructions for performing Pachkhan.

Instructions for taking Pachkhan:

Fold your hands (in front of Bhagwan’s photo if possible).
Insure that your mouth is clean.
Decide which Pachkhan you wish to take
Click and listen the recording
When recording say “Pachkhai” you say in your mind “Pachkhami”
It is ok to listen two Pachkhans in one audio file

Derasar Hours

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Saturday - Sunday
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DARSHAN: 6.00pm to 8:00pm
AARTI: 7:30pm

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