President's Message

Mr Yogesh Rayani

शिवमस्तुसर्वजगतः, परहितनिरताभवन्तुभूतगणाः दोषाःप्रयांतुनाशं, सर्वत्रसुखीभवतुलोकः

Shivamastu Sarvajagatah, Parahitanirata Bhavantu Bhutaganah Dosha Prayantu Nasham, Sarvatra Sukhibhavatu Lokah

May the entire universe attain bliss. May all beings engage in each other’s well-being. Let all faults be eliminated. May people be happy everywhere.

Jai Jinendra, Pranam,

My sincerest thanks to Sasan Dev and all of you for giving me an opportunity to do seva for our Sangh. The face of our Sangh is changing at a rapid pace, with next generation growing up and demanding new ways of doing work. It is a challenge!

Executive Committee

Mr. Yogesh Rayani


Mr. Niraj Sutaria

Vice President

Mr Rajen Shah


Mr Praful Vora


Mr Dharmesh Doshi

Asst Secretary

Mr Sunil Gandhi

Asst Treasurer

Dr Vinod Kapashi

Committee Member

Mr Chandrakant Shah

Committee Member

Mr Mukesh Kapashi

Committee Member

Mr Aswin Vora

Committee Member

Mrs Harsha Kothary

Committee Member

Mrs Kalpana Shah

Committee Member

Mr Kirit Mehta

Committee Member

Mrs Radha Vora

Committee Member

Mrs Sudha Kapashi

Committee Member

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AARTI: 7:45pm

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