Do an auspicious Aarti in the Derasar on your Birthday or any day you wish to remember.

Celebrate your (or your son, daughter, grand child or parents or any one you like) birthday by coming to the temple in Kenton and doing an Arti and Mangal Divo on your birth-day. (or any event like Punya Tithi of a departed soul, your or relatives engagement, wedding etc).

We will write your name on the notice board and invite you to do Arti and Mangal Divo. This will be performed by your family. This will be something to remember.

You can help the Derasar also this way.

Please phone us now on which date you would like to come and do Arti. Phone: +44 020 8206 1659

ONLY £15.00 AND WITH AANGI IS £31.00.
GIVE US A CALL – +44 020 8206 1659

जय जय आरति आदि जिणंदा, नाभिराया मरुदेवी को नंदा ।।1।।
पहेली आरति पूजा कीजे, नरभव पामीने लाहो लीजे ।।2।।
दुसरी आरति दीन दयाला, धुळेवा मंडपमां जग अजवाळा ।।3।।
तीसरी आरति त्रिभुवन देवा, सुरनर इन्द्र करे तोरी सेवा ।।4।।
चोथी आरति चउगति चुरे, मनवांछित फल शिवसुख पुरे ।।5।।
पंचमी आरति पुन्य उपाया, मूळचन्दे ऋषभ गुण गाया ।।6।।


दीवो रे दीवो प्रभु मंगलिक दीवो, आरति उतारण बहु चिरंजीवो ।।
सोहामणुं घेर पर्व दीवाळी, अम्बर खेले अमरा बाळी ।।
दीपाळ भणे एणे कुल अजुआळी, भावे भगते विघन निवारी ।।
दीपाळ भणे एणे ए कलिकाळे, आरति उतारी राजा कुमारपाळे ।।
अम घेर मंगलिक तुम घेर मंगलिक, मंगलिक चतुर्विध संघने होजो ।।


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Derasar Hours

Monday to Friday
DARSHAN: 8:30am to 12:30pm
POOJA: Upto 12.15pm
Saturday - Sunday
DARSHAN: 8:30am to 1:30pm
POOJA: Upto 1.15pm

DARSHAN: 6.00pm to 8:00pm
AARTI: 7:30pm

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